Policies and Procedures

These Policies and Procedures are for your reference.


General information:

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed by the State of California. I provide psychotherapy and consultation in the area of behavioral health. In working with you I will make my best effort to apply my skills and expertise to the situation that is troubling you. If I think you would benefit from the services of another practitioner, for example, a psychiatrist, I will refer you to that person and, if you wish, follow up with them.


Discussions between us are confidential. No information will be communicated to others without your consent unless mandated by law. To protect your privacy, I will keep my clinical notes (Psychotherapy Notes) separate from the rest of your record (Protected Health Information). The attached Notice of Privacy Practices describes the conditions under which PHI may be disclosed to a third party.

Payment for services:

My fee is $150 per hour for all services, including consultation, records review, follow-up calls and the like. I appreciate payment by cash or check at the time services are rendered and will be happy to provide you with an invoice for your records.

Missed Appointments:

If you make an appointment with me and fail to come, or cancel with less than 48 hours' notice, I will bill you for the full amount of the missed session.

Risks of Services:

The provision of psychotherapeutic services has certain risks. The process of confronting the issues that bother you may lead to emotional distress and pain. You may experience anger, anxiety, sorrow and discouragement when you begin to come to terms with past experiences and actions. This is part of the natural process of change and I will do my best to help you benefit from it.If I refer you to another practitioner I am confident that there is a good chance that they can help you. However, I am not able to guarantee the services of others. You must make your own evaluation as to the cost/benefit of accepting my recommendations.

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